Bring Your Sweeper

Back to Life!

with a fresh set of high quality batteries

Available replacement batteries: 2-Cell, 5-Cell and 6-Cell

Original Sweeper Batteries

These are the types of Swiffer batteries from the various models of Swiffer to help you identify which Swiffer replacement battery you need:

2-cell for model L 4000

6 Cell Battery (from Newer Models)

5 Cell Battery (from Older Models)

Which Battery do you Need?

You can tell which voltage your vacuum is by looking at the current battery pack, looking at the information sticker, or looking on the charger plug-in.

Click the battery image for more information.

There will be about a 10 day processing time. The Newer 2-cells are Lithium Ion Cells and take a few more days for shipping. Shipping to US is $5.00 If you need shipping to Canada, it is $20.50, but we charge $17.50 to help out but if you have someone in the States that is coming for a visit, we can ship to them….

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