Bring your Swiffer Sweeper Vac back to life with a fresh battery! Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

You Might Not Need a New Vac, Just a Replacement Battery

When your Swiffer Sweeper Vac or Dirt Devil Swiffer Sweeper just can’t make it around the whole house before getting weak or stopping, it’s time for a replacement battery pack!

Here at Sweeper Battery we offer only one product: A replacement battery for your Swiffer Sweeper Vac or Dirt Devil Swiffer Sweeper. When your re-chargeable Swiffer battery finally runs down, we’re here for you. We offer a battery replacement so that you don’t have to add your old Sweeper Vac to a landfill! The replacement batteries we offer are of the highest quality, and, in fact, have a higher capacity than the batteries included with the original product.

Which Battery Do You Need?

We offer both 5-cell (for 6.0 volt systems) and 6-cell (for 7.2 volt systems) battery configurations. You can tell which voltage your vacuum is by looking at the current battery pack, looking at the information sticker, or looking on the charger plug-in.

How to Purchase

You can purchase your 5-Cell, 6.0 Volt Battery here and your 6-Cell, 7.2 Volt Battery here. You will be directed to the product page, simply add it to your cart, and proceed through the checkout. There will be about a 10-day processing time. Our current prices are: $15.95 for the 5-cell option and $17.50 for the 6-cell option.

NOTE: Shipping to US is $5 and shipping to Canada is $15.50

Original Sweeper Batteries

These are examples of the swiffer sweeper batteries that are in the Sweeper Vac so you can identify which swiffer replacement battery you need.

6 Cell Battery (from Newer Models)

5 Cell Battery (from Newer Models)

Batteries We Sell

These are the two types of batteries used in Swiffers. Check to see which battery your Swiffer uses, a 5-Cell, 6.0 Volt battery or a 6-Cell, 7.2 Volt battery.

NOTE: Our packs come with wire leads that will connect to the wires of the original batteries.