When your Swiffer Sweeper Vac or Dirt Devil Swiffer Sweeper just can't make it around the whole house before getting weak or stopping, it's time for a replacement battery pack!

If you think your Swiffer Sweeper Vac is breaking down or getting old, you might not need a new vac, just a new replacement battery.

Here at Sweeper Battery we offer only one product: A replacement battery for your Swiffer Sweeper Vac or Dirt Devil Swiffer Sweeper. When your re-chargeable Swiffer battery finally runs down, we're here for you. We offer a battery replacement so that you don't have to add your old Sweeper Vac to a landfill! The replacement batteries we offer are of the highest quality, and, in fact, have a higher capacity than the batteries included with the original product.

Which Battery Do You Need?

We offer both 5-cell (for 6.0 volt systems) and 6-cell (for 7.2 volt systems) battery configurations. You can tell which voltage your vacuum is by looking at the current battery pack, looking at the information sticker, or looking on the charger plug-in. You can also take a look at our examples page to see what each looks like.

How to Purchase

You can purchase your replacement battery using the "Buy Now" button below. You will be directed to the PayPal check out web site, and they will securely handle all of your information. There will be about a 10-day processing time.

Our current prices are: $15.95 for the 5-cell option and $17.50 for the 6-cell option.

Please Note!

For our Canadian customers

We are so sorry, but the shipping rate to Canada is now up to $15.50 US. We have tried to keep our prices the same for our friends to the north, but must now raise them due to this outrageous increase. Also, Expedited shipping to Canada is now over $19.00 US so we must cancel this option. We are sorry. If you are ordering from Canada, please select the Canadian shipping option from the order menu.

Reuse and Reduce! Swiffer Battery
Battery Configuration

Checkout through PayPal.

For mail order purchases, please send
check or money order to:
39 Rapley Road
Genesee, PA 16923
Be sure to include which battery model you
need, the payment for that model, and $5 US for
shipping and handling to the USA or $15.50 US for Canada.
Please make payable to GWP.